PSG : Saudi leaders of AL Hilal want Marco Verratti in their club


Persian Gulf teams are currently competing with each other, recently the Al Nassr club could get hold of Cristiano Ronaldo for the cursed sum of 400 million euros.

The Saudi club Al Hilal decided to fight back, he tried before Messi left for the American club Inter Miami to recruit him with a proposal of 500 million euros per season, the goat Messi had finally refused, and the Saudi Pro League club is now in discussion with the Mbappé clan (300 million euros) and Marco Verratti.

He would sign for a three-year contract and a salary of 52 million euros net per season, or around 150 million for 3 years. PSG has informed the leader of Al Hilal that Verratti will also be courted by Atletico de Madrid.


Marco Verratti has made it known that this offer would correspond to his wish to leave PSG, to turn a page and take up new challenges. Paris Saint Germain meanwhile expects at least 80 million euros for the transfer of his player. Between his salary and transfer fees, the overall operation will cost at least 236 million euros.

With this offer Marco Verratti would see his salary tripled, yesterday several sources announced that the Italian Marco Verratti would have to undergo a medical examination before signing with the Riyadh club.



Problem Marco Verratti has just had his medical at Al Hilal, and the Italian lit up a Philip Morris after completing physical tests to the dismay of club officials.

The words of trainer Jorge Jesus do not bode well for the recruitment of the star: “he did not even take the time to get dressed and leave the physical testing room, he directly lit a cigarette inside…”

The leader of the club Nawaf Ben Saâd has taken note of this gesture and simply wishes to cancel the transfer, specifying that this conduct does not fit with the image of his club.

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