Turkey‘s opposition alliance, known as the Nation Alliance, has been thrown into turmoil following a split over the selection of a candidate for the upcoming 2023 presidential election. The split has caused tension within the alliance and raised questions about the future of the country’s political landscape.

The Nation Alliance was formed ahead of the 2018 parliamentary election, and it is comprised of several opposition parties, including the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the Good Party (IYI), and the Democratic Party (DP). The alliance aims to unseat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been in power since 2014.

The alliance initially agreed to field a single candidate for the presidential election, but disagreements have arisen over who that candidate should be. The CHP, which is the largest party in the alliance, has put forward its leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, as its candidate. However, other parties in the alliance have rejected his nomination, citing concerns over his electability.

The Good Party (İyi Parti) , which is the second-largest party in the alliance, has put forward its leader, Meral Aksener, as its candidate. Aksener is a former interior minister and has gained popularity for her strong stance against Erdogan’s government. However, the CHP has refused to support her nomination, arguing that she lacks the necessary support to win the election.

The split within the Nation Alliance has raised concerns about the opposition’s ability to mount a serious challenge to Erdogan in the upcoming election. Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has dominated Turkish politics for almost two decades and has a strong base of support.

The split also highlights the deep divisions within the opposition and the challenges it faces in presenting a united front against Erdogan. The Nation Alliance was formed as a coalition of parties with different ideologies, and disagreements over policy and strategy have persisted.

Despite the split, the opposition parties have emphasized their commitment to defeating Erdogan in the upcoming election. They have called for unity and urged their supporters to focus on the broader goal of bringing change to Turkey’s political system.

The split within the Nation Alliance comes at a crucial time for Turkey, which is facing a range of challenges, including an economic crisis, a surge in COVID-19 cases, and rising tensions with its Western allies. The outcome of the 2023 presidential election will have significant implications for Turkey’s future, both domestically and internationally.

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